FreshGreens Market seeks to make fresh, nutritious, and organic fruits and vegetables accessible to every low-income community in Alabama– engaging and connecting small local black farmers to urban consumers, educating community members how to grow their own food, teaching new ways to eat and live a healthier life, reimagining how to buy food, providing low-cost organic options to everyone, and counteracting food apartheid.


Using sustainable and organic growing practices, the ecosystem of FreshGreens Urban Farm produces a variety of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and tasty greens. We grow on about 2 acres at several farm sites on the West Side of Montgomery, AL. The Urban Farm grows organic produce for the community, FreshGreensMarket, provides fresh food and juices for the weekly mobile market stops across TheWestSide, supplies our GreenBox CSA from April-November, and aids the community members in emergencies when life happens.

The urban farm is a reclamation and restoration of the land, as well as a tribute to our ancestors. Since September 2020, the urban farm has provided free organic produce to 100+ families, with our goal to feed and teach thousands more. The garden has ushered in new life and a sense of revival into the spirit of the neighborhood. We hope to continue introducing the next generation of farmers into the industry with best practices while providing real-life experiences through young farmer training programs.

Location: 650 Clarke Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36108